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Hi, I'm Jay.


I am a UX and UI designer, illustrator and author based in the midwest. As a proud new father I'm relieved to finally have a legitimate excuse to stay home. To me, coffee, fishing and sports are religion, and true crime is an obsession. I have a small army of pugs that sleep on my desk and offer design insight in exchange for carrots.


After graduating from Sacred Heart University with a double major in design and illustration, I started working for several agencies in the Connecticut and New York City area. After seven years in the industry, I transitioned to full-time freelance consulting. I've been fortunate to work on an especially diverse range of brands like Absolut Vodka, Malibu, Guinness, Ford, Costa Sunglasses, Quaker, and Subway designing in both the print and digital spaces. Outside of design, I have authored three books on hand-lettering: 100 Days of Lettering, Lettering Alphabets & Artwork and most recently an officially-licensed Harry Potter Hand Lettering guide. To check out my lettering work visit

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